Assembly Awards! Welcome to our School!

At Assembly on Friday we officially welcomed our new students to Stanley Avenue School. We also gave attendence awards to all students for excellent attendence for Term 1 . In Room 10 these went to Leroy and Jacksun.

Piwakawaka Wetlands Walk

On Friday we went for our annual Piwakawaka walk around the Te Aroha Wetlands. We like to do this so that our students can appreciate this wonderful resource than sits so close to our school and for us to talk about how we look after this special environment. As you can see we had a…

I am…

Mrs Corrigan was our teacher on Wednesday and we read a story called “Dressing Up.” Then she let us get the dress up clothes out and we got to dress up and write our own stories. We had lots of fun playing with the clothes!

Welcome to Room 10-Term 2!

Today we welcomed in 5 new students to Room 10! Welcome to Rhythm, Brody, Hayley, Jason and Ezra. We are glad you are here! Here is the new-look Room 10 for the start of Term 2. We had a great first day and hope to share lots of our learning during the coming weeks.

Jack in the Box!

The last assembly of the term was Performance Assembly. Piwakawaka (Rooms 10 and 11) joined together to do our version of “Jack in the Box”. The students were really clever and even sang it without the backing track and they were AWESOME! All the best to everyone for the holidays. Play and sleep lots, stay…

BEE-utiful Miss Malone!

One of our lovely teachers ,Miss Malone, is getting married during the holidays so our school did something special for her on Friday at assembly. Piwakawaka (Rooms 10 and 11) made her veil. If you couldn’t guess, she LOVES bees! We think she looks BEE-utiful! Lots of love to Tori and Josh, with best wishes…

Making Playdough

Mrs Roskam was in our class again on Thursday and she promised to bring in some playdough. What she didn’t tell us was that we had to make our own! We had to follow the instructions, measure the ingredients carefully and take turns. The end result was a beautiful big blob of green playdough that…

ANZAC Poppies!

During the last week of the term we had lots of visitors in Room 10, as they prepare to start school next term. Miss Williams gave us a kit of ANZAC poppies that we could grow so each student has planted their seeds and hopefully (if Mrs Finucane remembers to water them…) by the start…

Learner of the Week: Week 9

Here is Belle, our Learner of the Week, from Week 9. Belle is a curious student, always seeking out learning opportunities and wanting to know more. Belle is a super learner in Room 10!

Learner of the Week: Week 10!

Indi has been working really hard to learn lots of her reading sight words and alphabet, so she can use these in her reading and writing. Indi likes to challenge herself to commit these to memory. Indi, you are a star!