School App Update

Our school app is updating this weekend. All this means is you need to go to the App Store or Google Play, search for SchoolAppNZ and download. From there you will have prompts to find Stanley Avenue School and then choose which alerts you would like to subscribe too. If you need any help with…

Anzac Ceremony

This morning Stanley Avenue School held an ANZAC assembly to recognise our fallen heroes. We held this in the Rec Centre this year as it was a bit too wet and cold outside. Part of the ceremony is for the youngest and the eldest student in the school to lay a wreath. Our youngest student…

Feijoa season!

Yummy feijoas are in season and Room 10 love them! At Stanley Avenue School we are lucky enough to have some feijoa trees on the edge of our back fields. Room 10 went to the back field and chose a few to take back to class and for the teachers to eat in the staff…

Gumboot Up!

On Friday Stanley Ave participated in Gumboot day to raise funds for the I am hope foundation. Thanks to everyone that brought a gold coin for this awesome cause ! Well done Codie for going the extra mile and decorating her boots!

Neon Leon

In week 8 Ruma Tekau has been reading the story of Neon Leon. It was a story about a chameleon named Leon, who could t change colour like all the other chameleons. This mad him feel sad and he didn’t have any friends , until he spotted something the same colour as him! The students…

What a busy week!

Room 10 has had a very busy week this week! We have been creating awesome art based in the book “Alpacas with Maracas” written by Matt Cosgrove, we had another tuakana teina session with Room 13 and so much more!

Word super stars!!!

These three smiley faces were lucky enough to get a prize from the prize box today for moving on to a new word list ! Keep up the great work Room 10!

Is that really rubbish?

Over the last couple of weeks Rooms 10 & 12 have had sessions with Kathy from Zero Waste. The focus has been on recycling and looking at our rubbish. We have discussed what is rubbish and where it goes, and what / how we can recycle items. As a part of our last session the…

Still swimming

The sun is still out and weather is great so we are still swimming Monday – Thursday. Please ensure your child has their togs and towel while the weather is nice . We will let you know when we finish for the term.

Room 10 Dress up for writing!

Today students in Room 10 had a dress up session. This gave me a chance to take photos of them to use for our story writing. Using dress ups in our class provides opportunities for problem solving, relationship building and a bit of fun in our day. Check out our slide show below !