Sun safe with our hats!

As part of our sun safe policy , school issue hats are a mandatory requirement for all students at Stanley Avenue. Any student who does not have a hat will be restricted to shaded areas during morning tea and lunch breaks. If you need a hat these are available from the office for $12, or…

National Shake Out!

Today at 9.30am we participated in the nation wide Shake out! This is where we all practiced what to do if there is an earthquake. The 3 things to remember are: Drop Cover Hold As we were in the classroom , we all dropped , got under a table and held on to a a…

Welcome back!!

Term 4 is here! I hope you have enjoyed the time with your families and enjoyed the sunny days we had. A few notices and reminders for the term. Please ensure that your child has a school issue hat, available from the office for $12. These are mandatory in term 4. If you ordered calendars…

ASB getwise

Today we had Callum from ASB come to teach us about money . We talked about the difference between what we want to spend our money on and what we need to spend our money on and safe places to keep our money . #stanleyaveschool #asbgetwise

Week 10 wrap up!

As the end of term creeps upon us , things are still all go for us in room 10! Today we started our entries for the A&P show next term. The theme is royal , blue,white and red . Everyone completed the first part of the art work , we hope to have it finished…

Create a candy competition

On the 28th of September the PTA are holding a movie night at school . They are running a competition where you can create your own candy and go in the draw to win a prize . We have all entered the competition and handed our entries in. If you want to be able to…

Food to fuel your body.

Today we had Ben from Sport Waikato come in and talk to us about good food to fuel our bodies . We learnt all about how much sugar should be in our food – less than 10g per servings and all about fibre and fat too.

The Dancing Dragons

Last week we read a book called “The dancing dragons “. It was all about how the dragons get dressed up in their hats and ties and go dancing. After we read this we decided to decorate our own hats and ties too!

School Photos – Term 4

Today your child is bringing home a notice about our up and coming school photos. These are being taken on FRIDAY THE 19TH OCTOBER. This year you will be able to view and order your photos online! For more details keep an eye out in book bags for the below notice.